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We take the time to build a therapeutic relationship, to engage fully in the therapy process, and respond to treatment methods.

What brings you here? Tell us your story, describe your symptoms, where do you find your strength?


Did you reach your goals? This stage is where you will be able to effectively copy and see significant improvements.



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Therapy sessions vary based on the severity of symptoms, process engagement, the client's environment. 

Our therapists are licensed and have years of experience. The therapists treat each client as an individual, and work as a team to create individualized improvement plans.

Therapy Services

When I first began therapy I was having severe manic episodes after having been discharged from the hospital.  I almost lost my job.  Slowly, therapy began to help me build confidence and respect for myself.  The thoughtful insight and counsel that I receive from my sessions continues to help me in different areas of my life. 

 - Patrice, West Bloomfield

"My therapist was flexible and was willing to help me in different ways.  I confided in her and have grown emotionally since beginning my treatment.  It has been a very positive experience for me."

 - Kimberly, Clinton Township

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