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Cognitive Rehabilitation is a process to help you re-learn cognitive skills that have been lost or altered. The process also helps to develop compensatory strategies for areas of loss or difficulty.

There are four major components:

  1. Education about cognitive weaknesses and strengths. The focus here is on developing awareness of the problem.
  2. Process Training.This refers to the development of skills through direct retraining or practicing the underlying cognitive skills. The focus here is on resolving the problem.
  3. Strategy Training. This involves the use of environmental, internal and external strategies. The focus here is on compensating rather than resolving the problem.
  4. Functional Activities Training. This involves the application of the other three components in everyday life. The focus here is on real life improvements.

Throughout Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy, you should expect the following from us:

  • Reinforce, strengthen or establish previously learned patterns of behavior.
  • Establish new patterns of cognitive activity or mechanisms to compensate for impaired neurological systems.
  • Tailored interventions to help individual be independent  in the management of his or her everyday routines and responsibilities in their home and community.